Admin Area

The administrator is able to view/edit/delete/and process quotes which have been generated by sales personnel using the Quotescope system.

Sales Area

The sales personnel is responsible for visiting customer homes and generating quotes on the system, which are sent to customers for approval/decline and admins to view/manage. Once customers approve, admins can assign jobs to engineers for installation/maintenance.

Engineer Area

One admin can pass confirmed jobs to engineers. The engineer is notified by email and can access specific job information from their own version of the app. They can add notes and confirm when the job is complete, which sets the installation date on the system.

Customer Facility

Customers will receive a formal quotation from the system, branded to your company. They can view the quote, check the details and accept it, decline it or do nothing (which lapses the quote within 7 days). 

*screen shots coming soon + video of system working